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The latest Tweets from D3sk1ng Responses (@AskD3sk1ng). Files located in the #free-release section. com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/7a1ije/pc_huge_ban_wave_for_users_with_paid_d3sk1ng_modNov 1, 2017 Letting you all know that about 90% of all users of this menu were suspended for 30 days at least last Yeah, I'm on their discord all the time. reddit. [PC] Huge Ban Wave for Users with Paid D3SK1NG Mod Menu www. It has become apparent now that nearly (if not) all major menus that were Feel free to join our Discord server if you guys ever want to talk to us. com/r/Gta5Modding/comments/80go67/so_is_d3sk1ng_goneI dont know whats goin on, but other menus are Online now, like https://epsiloncheats. infamouscheats. Twitter for a dead Pc mod menu. cc/. Japanese Forest. Mar 29, 2017 Invite To D3sk1ng Discord to Buy The Mod Menu: https://www. YOLO, maybe d3sk1ng comes back too, like them. com/discord. com/discord My Discord (For Free Money Drops):  So, is D3sk1ng gone? : Gta5Modding - Reddit www. Heres the invite code to the discord: VCFD7gg. d3sk1ng. . more for many months. net/ https://www. Like I said, this new menu is not liked by anti-virus May 15, 2018 services such as D3SK1NG, Epsilon, Infamous, etc. i still hope they are gone, they said it on discord. Aug 18, 2017 wanna check d3sk1ng out? here is a link to there discord and forum: https://d3sk1ng. com https://d3sk1ng. Page 4 - D3SK1NG MENU | SAFE 2K PED DROP & OTHER FEATURES! - Grand Theft Auto V yeah and ur discord link doesnt work anymore 

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