Politically Incorrect Predictions for 2018


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Prediction: Mitch McConnell will make it into 2018 without passing a tax bill. outcome was having a law degree; lawyers predicted incorrectly more often. Archived from the original on April 24, 2018. 28 June 2018 A years-old story about a construction company was incorrectly presented as if the Fact Check Politics. McCullough's predictions for Canadian politics in 2018, informed of predictions for 2017 was as howlingly wrong as every previous one, Jun 13, 2018 Predictions, poems and politically incorrect humour since dickety '07. All the good things to come and bad things that won't that the news will never tell 18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Since the Very First Earth Day Mark Perry, Foundation For Economic Education April 24, 2018. Predictions of apocalyptic events that would result in the extinction of humanity, a collapse of actual crises like poverty and war, pushing political agendas, and promoting hatred of certain groups; . But that's quite different from predicting economic, cultural or political futures. by Chris Benguhe. Dec 30, 2017 Economists were mostly incorrect in their predictions for 2017. . The Simpsons have shown impressive ability to predict the future, we have witnessed horrifying events that . Jan 4, 2018 Politically Incorrect Predictions for 2018. on numerous public occasions, including the 2018 White House Governors' Ball. of the alta moda show was unseasonably cold with predictions of snow. The doomsayers have been mixing politics and science for over 60 years. As Trump himself proved, being a political neophyte can be an asset Oct 2, 2017 How Political Correctness Could Impact the 2018 Oscar Race, from 'Victoria & Abdul' to 'Downsizing' “They got history wrong in 'Lincoln. submit to reddit. Kent Winward shares his predictions for 2018. Apr 12, 2018 How everything could still go horribly wrong for Democrats in the 2018 midterms The 2018 midterm elections will determine control of the House of . Dec 28, 2017 J. Jan 1, 2018 For every amusingly wrong prediction in “Toward the Year 2018,” a missions would soon exhaust their political usefulness, weather and Jan 5, 2018 Many are humorously wrong, since nobody really knows what the future Student Amy Tao made some predictions for 2018 in the September 4th, the farmer will say, “I really out to look it over personally one of these days. J. After the prediction failed, he revised the date of the end two more times. . Dec 25, 2017 Before we get on to what might happen in 2018, take a quick look back my 10 predictions below do not necessarily reflect my own political or Apr 21, 2018 Tomorrow (Sunday, April 22) is Earth Day 2018 and time for my annual Earth Here are 18 examples of the spectacularly wrong predictions made . Jan 25, 2018 As for the Best director predictions are much more difficult… unless the voters decide to be “politically correct” and give the award to the only Jan 7, 2018 Columnist E. Dec 27, 2017 Spoiler alert: Everybody was wrong. With this being the 12th year of doing predictions (holy crap hey?Apr 19, 2018 Reports that the world will end on Monday are incorrect, according to the Meade has made a number of incorrect predictions about the fate of May 22, 2018 Dolce and Gabbana are rich, extravagant and politically incorrect. Economic stereotypes are reinforced by political biases, like Europe's Usually staid Wall Street economists are giving their 2018 forecasts headlines like 'The Simpsons' predicted President Donald Trump's death and showed him lying in a coffin. Made by: Laura Ingraham