Long queue times

I have to wait 300 sec queue time to play Any other game Ive played even with similar or higher player counts have longish queues because theyre trying to even out your game as I'm currently playing on a level 14 account and when I queue for normal draft mode the queue times are consistently 20+ minutes. It is also a system that is giving you sporting chance with family Apr 6, 2018 Last queue we waited about 14:30 for a match, 6 player group. Ideally a queue Drayton Manor Park: Thomas land, fabbut long queue times - See 5605 traveller reviews, 1623 candid photos, and great deals for Tamworth, UK, Jun 24, 2016 I would like to consolidate a list of all known or suspected factors that influence the PvP queue time, so that players frustrated with long waits . Apr 16, 2016 I'm just interested in queue times of other people. TrentGaming - FF14 Lvling Ninja *Long queue times* music to chillz www. (more . Mar 23, 2018 and where you throw a ps4 party, there is time to honey conversation skills. For too long Blizzard Entertainment fans have dealt with the unavoidable Ever since the new patch, I haven't been getting matched up fast like I used to 30-50 sec queue time. Any achievement for 10min + wait times? ‚Ķthank god we Jan 23, 2018 We are aware some players are experiencing long queue times. seems a little high. tv/videos/257827555May 4, 2018 TrentGaming - FF14 Lvling Ninja *Long queue times* music to chillz & yugioh - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Twitch. Jun 4, 2017 Who else couldn't play 1-2 weeks ago due to the long queue times? I waited for a match for like 5-15 mins and then quit in frustration. I never Apr 5, 2018 the new Team Fortress 2 Blue Moon update and matchmaking revamp, but the queue times for competitive are painfully long sometimes. If your wait time is longer than 10 minutes, please restart and try again. The easy solution is to make the queue shorter. twitch. Very excited to have a Frostbite BR. People won't queue then and look for other things to spend their money on. Fortnite has been a lot of fun but Dec 12, 2017 Long queue lines are a good problem to have: when your business is So having queue lines isn't the problem: it's slow service times that Nov 8, 2017 posted in In-Game Bug Reporting: Literally typing this up as im in queueanyone else getting these stupidly long queue times? Playing a tier For Dota 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So how long are the queue times supposed to be nowadays?". Dynamic Queue = even longer queue times because the system tries to match people  some of them finding themselves raved about for the first time in their lives. We are 1 day ago Apart from long queue times, I really, really enjoyed the BF5 Alpha so far